01 May 2017


Thank you ‘Hensgens/Deshotels Family All’ for a meaningful 18th Joseph Hensgens Family Reunion in Roberts Cove, LA. Danke! Danke!


118 souls braved the ominous and full clouds finding their way to the holy ground of Roberts Cove, LA. Our ancestors were in charge of weather and they eventually cleared a path with light!


Holy Mass at St. Leo IV Church was a holistic way commencing the reunion with praise, songs and remembrances offered up for so many good and right intentions. Two Hensgens young men were on the altar, two Hensgens young ladies were Readers and the little ones of next generation brought up The Gifts! Conversation, delicious and plentiful food, the awesome family slideshow was perfect, the essential labeled sign-in binders were in order, heritage trifolds were at attention on easels, a stroll through the German Heritage Museum was a delightful learning experience where displays reveal the core of original pioneer families, i.e., the iron for the stamping and the baking of Mass hosts for income by the LA Blessed Sacrament Sisters, pics of ancestral homes and the Book of Louisiana brands were especially studied. Wonderful wooden blocks with the ‘Joseph Hensgens Cattle Brand’ was a generous gift and appreciated by all. Meandering through the Cemetery is always a solemn pilgrimage finding those special graves especially the grave of our Josepha Regina Hensgens (1901) which will be made new again as she rest in peace directly under the left outstretched stone white hand of Our Lord on His cross!  


Attachments Four:

1-      Updated Data 2017

2-      Necrology 1909-2017

3-      Family Totals 2017

4-      Who’s Turn Is It Anyway!


The family reunion picture on the Germanfest stage was a treat with all those present and smiling faces. The reunion folder was handed off to the co-coordinator of the 19th JHensgens Family Reunion which will be on Arthur Avenue 2019!! Wonderful!


Lead, Kindly Light!

Anna Bernadette, Chronicler











Today’s Date:  26 April 2013                   ‘Alles Aus Liebe Zu Gott”   All for the Love of God!


To - The Greater Family of Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens

Re:  Family Reunion, Sunday 21 April 2013 in Roberts Cove, LA

From - The Host Family of Guy Gregoire and Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux

Gwendolyn Clare Gauthreaux-Sherburne, Coordinator ~ Danke Schoen!


“My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow Me…you will know them by their fruits…” The Reunion Day Sunday Readings from the Gospel of John was perfect indeed! Reverend Donald Pelous, a Lake Arthur friend of old, folded this text through the life weavings of Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens and their children connoted as shepherds and shepherdesses of their flocks- Christian Hensgens, Habetz, Conrad Hensgens, Monlezun, Berken, Anton Hensgens, Gauthreaux!! How wonderful as our ancestors looked down on us as our hearts tilted upward to them, and on each side of us as we pondered this clarion call in gratefulness!





















Reverend Donald Pelous, a Lake Arthur friend of many years, was our Celebrant for Holy Mass on this Day of Gratefulness! Just look at that smile; he retired January 2013 from active priesthood but still serving! Thank you, Father, for your vocation!




























Guy Gregoire and Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, the ‘60th Anniversary Couple” are escorted to the altar by Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall (left) celebrating the 16th Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens Family Reunion 21 April 2013 St. Leo IV Catholic church, Roberts Cove, LA!



Thank you, Father, for Eucharist and to recollect from whence we come sitting together under the chandelier of our ancestors Franz Anton and Maria ‘Veronika’ Knoben-Reiners’ which they purchased for St. Leo IV church in 1907 on their last trip to Germany. He died three days after returning to Roberts Cove! …ah, Lead, Kindly Light!!


All eyes, 82 in the pews, focused on the altar clothed in a veritable garden of Easter blooms. There Fr. Pelous summoned and bestowed a ‘Marriage Blessing” on Uncle Guy and Aunt To-To… 60 years of living their Sacrament of Matrimony! Their ‘children’ encircled us for Mass ~ Cantor/M.C.~ Gwendolyn Clare, Readers~ Guy Gregoire, 11, Joseph Hensgens and Kay Frances observed these marvelous proceedings from the organ bench with the most wonderful smile on her beautiful face especially as she played ‘On This Day O Beautiful Mother’ and ‘Maria Zu Leiben!’ The altar server cousins secured by Alberta Gertrude were Patrick Hensgens Mouton and John Christian Lyons who served well and are so magnificently tall/Hensgens indeed! The Gauthreaux spouses watched with smiles on their faces and duty calling from the Hall as family cuisine was readied and all prepared!














































The local newspaper photographer climbed onto a bench ladened with many cameras capturing the smiling faces from the church plaza after Mass before we strolled conversing arm in arm toward the table fare! Food was homemade and plentiful, tables tops smiled with flower creations penned with Reunion script and offered to all as carry-out! Aunt Leona presented the ‘smiling couple, the groom sporting a perfect goatee!’ with an anniversary gift and a smile on her face which was very good for she is the next hostess/shepherdess for the Joseph Hensgens Family Reunion 2015! Her eldest daughter, Charlotte Ann Berken-Conner, wasn’t far away and graciously accepted the Reunion Black Binder from Gwendolyn who definitely had a smile on her face! The four Gauthreaux children each received their ‘Joseph Hensgens Family Tree’ scroll as gift! Good and efficient tour of duty Gauthreauxs!! Thank you.


The ‘JHensgens Family Wall Mural’ held the names of 476 members (457 in 2011)!

Many read this wonderful tapestry of names and it wasn’t just because it was above the dessert tables either I’m sure!! We sincerely thank the Sicilian/French cousin, Renee Reina, for this labor of love all through the years as she has grown to know and love you all. Sara Elizabeth Sherburne-Cooper and Constance Victoria Monlezun Darbonne wielded their excellent cameras and provided for us golden memories!


In summation ~ at the close of this beautiful day found Aunt To-To, along with her godchild and flower girl for her wedding, and Constance, and Renee, Joey and his daughter and son strolling throughout the cemetery! There were her paternal and maternal grandparents, sister, brother-in-law and niece with pinwheels spinning attached to their crosses and the American flag at their feet with their lineage verbiage print-out on each grave. She sat and smiled telling ‘Christian August’ that this was the man he was named after! He was handed the pinwheel as a remembrance as his sister ‘Taylor Claire’ received the pink pinwheel for her ‘girl’ ancestors ~ three generations finding their own and whispering a prayer of thanksgiving! Those children will remember and shepherd their own as the ancestors before them who have prayed for us all since the year 1600!!


Eternal life will be awesome in The Light with so many shining!!