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Revised:  08 June 2017








14 January 2017

39 years of wedded bliss!

… to the best husband in the whole wide world! By His Grace!



December 2016 forward…

A pesky & persistent medical challenge is now mine to maze through…by His Grace!

Thank God for my ‘Medical Resource Book’ with Medical Profile, Log and Medicine Log, etc. categories! This walk

will just sharpen my skills for continuing to teach The Book to others who are so much

more ill and hurting.

May God bless them all.


January 2017

AND, my laptop up’ed and died of pure fatigue; spent

6 weeks eventually changing over to a new one while reading, journaling, thinking…getting healthy again!

Wonderful! Now back to the desk! AND, my website is also being revamped!  

God Bless Ms. Renee for all!!!


14 February 2017

Surprised my sweet spouse of 39 years…Mass and

Dinner at the Retreat Center joined by my sister and husband! What a lovely way

to spend time in His presence and with each other.

Valentine’s Day!


16 February 2017

We three amigas cantor Mass in the  nursing home

co-owned by our favorite first cousin in Lafayette, LA! Fr. Donald Pelous, our

teacher and friend of old is Celebrant then off to lunch! Afterwards a visit with a

Another former teacher! Always look forward to this special day!


19 February 2017

Attended a meeting of the Orchid Society! Have

always wanted to see and hear about this most interesting of God’s eye for the

most delicate! The botanical names are plain fascinating

and their beauty is Light itself!


21 February 2017

German Heritage Museum invitation to become a

Board Member and, of course, said yes!! First meeting with the best of

people and ideas galore!



07 March 2017

Drive ‘Ms. Renee’ to Grand Lake High School

… teaching of the A.C.T.S. preparatory lessons to many, many  students! I visit  

with genealogist/cousin  Beverly Delaney whose heart is in calling all in Cameron

Parish by name; especially our people!


12 March 2017

#2 meeting of the German Heritage Museum

Board and I have my Wiring Diagram in a Binder all ready to go!!

Invited first cousin, Wayne Hensgens, to come and see!



17-19 March 2017

Members of ‘Faith Renewal’ weekend in

Lake Arthur utilize Arthur Avenue for rest and prayer/3 women of God.




22 March 2017

Catholic Diocesan Television Taping

Airing:   May & June 2017


‘Lead, Kindly Light!’



27 March 2017

Renee and I spend hours at the German Heritage

Museum, Roberts Cove, LA to work the Hensgens Family Reunion Data, etc…!!!

Love working in this sacred place!



31 March 2017

The Germanfest Folklife Singers Committee meets 

for lunch to work on the rehearsal schedule, songs, performance times…

spending wonderful time together planning for our



5-7 April 2017

Directed Private Retreat on

Arthur Avenue with a Spiritual Director

arriving for 4 sessions.

By His Grace!


30 April 2017

18th JHensgens Family Reunion, Roberts Cove!

Host Family ~ Nicholas Anthony Hensgens/Deshotels/118. My son and Isaac Jared Edwards, his companion, was able to attend! IJE loved The Cove.

Jhensgens Family Reunions

19th   Reunion in 2019 in Lake Arthur!!


01 May 2017

Proceeding to go through one Binder at a time mining

them for publishing. Also color coding so as to disperse in 2029 sending to five

locations & my ‘Archival Special Collection1’



02 May 2017

Two friends of old are visiting kin and friends!

We were together in the Washington, D.C. area and spent many a good time in that

glorious Capitol. An ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour’ and

lunch at The Regatta were so enjoyed.


15 May 2017

Attended first meeting with the ‘No. 1 Ladies Hiking

Club’ along with my retired military husband who has hiked a few miles in his

36 year career! Listened to tales of The Camino, Spain.

Still thinking about walking it!


01 June 2017

Handing up CSPH Heritage Center 2003-2017

which has been an honor to work with a wonderful team in creating the Center!

Will work as Consultant.

And, more CSPH Heritage

Ministry on the way!


02 June 2017

German Heritage Museum-

To Teach a ‘Heritage

Workshop’ for 1. Organizing a Family Reunion, 2. Ordering ancestral archival

paper and data/7



07 June 2017

American Press Feature Writer on Arthur Avenue

for a Heritage Tour and subsequent feature article. Also, another feature about

Teaching Heritage! What does that look like?!?!?



11 June 2017

Last airing of ‘Lead, Kindly Light’ segment on

diocesan television,,,27 years later and 480 wonderful people in the Lord’s 

vineyard as His hands, feet, heart and mind! Thank you,

Father for the opportunity to serve!


July 2017

Puerto Rico…





August 2017

Facilitate Faculty Retreat Day, Sacred Heart Catholic

School, Ville Platte, LA held at Christ the Redeemer Monastery in

Plaisance, LA. What a privilege!/



August 2017

Army War College, Carlisle, PA, Class of 1977 which includes

 my darling husband! We shall celebrate on our favorite military installation as this

is where we dated just prior to marriage

and our drive to Panama, Central America with first assignment in Costa Rica!!



August 2017

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ rehearsals commence

with 3 rehearsals. Love these times in Roberts Cove with my people!

7th year as Director and so very grateful to the singers!



September 2017/one in October

‘Germanfest Folk Singers’ rehearsal

visiting people along the way to and from! We attend Mass throughout the

Diocese of Lafayette and Lake Charles!



September 2017

Trip to Orlando, Florida for Renee’s ‘Sylvan

Learning Conference’

where I read and wonder while she is in many sessions! We rent a car to travel to Irondale, AL to tour EWTN studios and Book Store!

Then travel on up to ‘Our Lady of the Angels Monastery’ for time, tours, rest, Mass &  prayer on this

holy ground! Thank you RAR for inviting me on these annual grand adventures!


7 & 8 October 2017

22nd Germanfest in Roberts Cove, LA!!

Anticipating mucho happenings!



October 2017

Visit to Chapel Hill, NC and attending the Fall

Furniture Mart, High Point, NC with my son and IJE, a 3rd year dental student,

UNC School of Dentistry. Fall in NC is earthly perfection!



December 2017

 Our traditional ‘St. Nick’s’ at specified homes,

Roberts Cove, LA with the choir of St. Leo’s Catholic Church Parish &

w/ St. Nick, Little Black Peter AND Santa Claus…all in a

school bus! What a great time!


December 2017

Hitting my 70th year stride teaching ‘Silent Retreat


 all the years long!

Thank you, Father for Your will, way and wisdom.



December 2017

Tradition ‘Christmas Family Gathering’ on

Arthur Avenue begun by our parents many, many years ago. We

are almost 90 in number…not all are able to

gather but gather we do!/










































































A Ave.






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January 2018

40 Years of wedded bliss indeed!





May 2018

173rd Reunion, Washington, D.C.














A Ave.






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Spring 2019

19th JHensgens Family Reunion

Host Family: Lee Joseph and Anna Gertrude Hensgens-Monlezun

Arthur Avenue, Lake Arthur, LA

20th ‘JHensgens Reunion’ 2021 ~ Host Family ~

Catherine Frances Hensgens-Habetz!