'We Love You More Than Life Itself!'




Happy and Blessed Grand Birthday, Antoine Adolfo, our  beloved son! Today,

24 July 2006 you are 24 years of age residing on the East Coast. This is our  way of sharing our joy because of you while with you, and for tomorrow’s celebration, as your Dad turns seventy years young and marches forward in his years of ‘refirement!’

(This is the reason I have my laptop at the dinner table; it holds dessert!)


Welcome to your link on Mama’s website!

 It is and will be filled with all good prayers for you in word and action, and God only knows what else, as we continue to share this wonderful and beautiful world and


all of its creatures, great and small!



Age 26      July 2008


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


Age 27      October 2009


Sydney, Australia

Age 28    July 2010   


British Virgin Islands   

British Virgin Islands, July 2012 for his 30th Birthday!

Age 31   30 April 2014 to 12 May 2014



‘A Caribbean and Atlantic Sail’ from St. Thomas, BVI’s to Puerto Rico to Bermuda on the ‘Lori BV’ Sailing Yacht with the Captain and Three Crewmen to include AAP!

All are alums of Camp Sea Gull  in N.C.

He was able to have a superb visit with his paternal uncle while in San Juan, PR who took them on a tour of Old San Juan to the Cappillo del Christo! This is the oldest chapel in the New World and where, on this holy ground, Hector proposed to me Labor Day 1977! How wonderful to this day!






As your father has told you time and time again,

“I would take my heart out of my beating chest and place it in yours if you needed it without hesitation or forethought.”


We love you more than life itself and pray you forward all the day long!



Happy Grand Birthday! Feliz Cumpleano!